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Academy of Korean Martial Arts

A tenet is a principle or doctrine that a person holds or maintains as true.

The Tenets of Tae Kwon Do go to the very roots of the Art, that of the positive development of the total individual.

A person who is both a positive influence on those around him/her and the community.


The five tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control  and Indomitable Spirit should serve as a guide to become a true student of the art:

custom bulletCourtesy (Ye Ul)  - Respect others as you would want to be respected.

custom bulletIntegrity (Yom Chi) - To have integrity is to be honest with yourself and others.

custom bulletPerseverance (In Nae) - Patience leads to virtue or merit.  To achieve something, whether it is a higher degree or the perfection of a technique, one must set his goal then constantly persevere, never give up no matter how long it takes. One of the most important secrets in becoming a leader in Taekwondo is to overcome every difficulties by perseverance.

custom bulletSelf-Control (Guk Gi) - Control oneself physically and mentally at all times and think before you act.

custom bulletIndomitable Spirit (Baekjul Boolgool) - Unconquerable spirit that comes from within and when near exhaustion,  you reach inside yourself to find that last bit of strength.